Trying nudism

  • The first thing that is important to becoming a nudist is feeling good in your own skin. It can be difficult as we all have different ideas of what looks good. We all want to look good and we all have different things that we might not be happy with body-wise.
  • Nudism is not based on sex or being a model but being comfortable with your body in nature. You will fall in love with the feeling of the sun, wind, and water across your skin.
  • Remember a nudist resort like Bluebonnet is not reserved for models, but people just like you. Visitors come from all walks of life, short, tall, skinny, curvy, old or young. They are the same people you would meet anywhere, but all share a feeling of comfort in their skin and a love for nudism.
  • To try nudism take small steps, start at home and feeling good in your skin. Sleeping nude or staying nude after a shower is a great way to start getting comfortable with your body. Once you get used to your own body and not concentrating on the imperfections, nudism will become more natural.
  • Once you feel comfortable with being nude at home you should try going nude outdoors in a safe, legal, and comfortable place, such as your yard. Enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin, walk around and get used to the freedom that nudism brings.
  • Once you are more comfortable with being nude outside, a trip to a social nudism environment is next. The great thing about a resort is everyone there is like minded and it is very safe and inviting for new nudists. Allowing you to be comfortable around others while enjoying nudism.
  • You might be nervous or feel some butterflies in your stomach as you try it for the first time or two. You might be worried that people will point and stare, however the reality is different no one will stare and no one will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • You will quickly begin to feel better and more confident enjoying the natural bliss nudism brings, 

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