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Why Nudism

Bluebonnet, a naturist park, rests on 66.5 acres adjacent to Caddo and LBJ National Grasslands. Guests are able to relax and find refuge from the pressures of urban life. Our resort adds a new dimension to the clothing optional experience by offering a secure and serene environment. We welcome the experienced and the first timer to enjoy our hospitality. 

Many people are curious about nudism. The nudist philosophy is simple: being nude is natural. The feeling of freedom and relaxation that comes along with nudism can not be matched in any other way. 

Lourdes history with nudism

Lourdes Brioso Moss, co-owner and co-manager of Bluebonnet Nudist Park, near Alvord, north-west of Fort Worth. She meet Charles Moss when he was on a trip to the Philippines. In spite of the difference in their backgrounds and ages, they fell deeply in love and got married in 1998. as Lourdes tells it, “My Charles introduced me to the nudist lifestyle. .. He told me that he owned a nudist park. I just gave him a smile and asked myself, “is this for real?”

Three years after the new couple exchanged their vows. Lourdes started running. Having stayed fit but never in a group setting she recalls “I told him that i was going to run for him and finish what he started.” BlueBonnet had initiated its annual Bare as Your Dare 5k fun run back in 1990, and she became a regular there and in similar events at other nudist clubs. From 2003-2007 she held women’s first place in the AANR Southwest 5k nude racing series. As of this year she is still placing high in the women’s 45-50 age bracket. 

Another part of her promise to Charles is keeping his dream of a nudist mini-paradise alive. She and Charles son Edy share the joys of ownership and the chores of management. 

Ask A Nudist (FAQ)

I am not sure if I look like a nudist?
Nudists are of all ages, shapes, condition, and sizes, they accept people for who they are on the inside and are judgement free. This will allow you to experience nudism with out the pressures and self image issues that clothes bring.  allowing you to be judged by who you are and not the physical appearance of your body or style of clothes. 

We don’t judge people we make memories at Bluebonnet, we feel friendships and conversation is more important then judgement based on clothing or appearance.

What do I do at a nudist park?
You will enjoy many activities from swimming, hiking, tennis, volleyball, both water and sand, potlucks and dances, or just simple conversation over a beverage with your new friends.
Are there many different types of people at Bluebonnet?
You will meet people from all walks of life that are diverse with all ages, professions and cultures being represented.  Allowing for you to feel right at home. 
I have piercings and tattoos, is that OK?
We understand that you might have gotten tattoos and piercings throughout your life travels as long as there is nothing obscene about them your fine. Please use your best judgement. 
Is Bluebonnet OK for my family to visit?
We are a family-friendly nudist resort and are a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation. As we are a member we agree with keeping all activities family-friendly and activities that are behind closed doors in the textile world are required to be behind closed doors while visiting BlueBonnet.  We are NOT a lifestyle resort. 
What if i feel uncomfortable with another guest?
If at anytime a guest or member has made you feel uncomfortable please notify management  right away and the situation will be addressed. 
I am a single nudist is that OK?
We allow all types of guests including single, married, divorced and from all walks of life. Your behavior is the most important aspect of your visit. It is important that all members and visitors feel comfortable during their visit we promote a wholesome family culture and values at Bluebonnet.
What should I bring to Bluebonnet?
The following is a short list that will help you pack for a wonderful day trip: 

  • Towel to sit on (most important thing at a nudist resort)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses 
  • Your ID and payment for day fees and any events or items purchased at Bluebonnet
  • A cooler and beverages for your stay (Ice is available at Bluebonnet for a small cost) 
  • A carefree and relaxed attitude and comfortable pair of flip-flops. 
  • BYOB – Bring what you would like
  • And a smile 🙂

Park Map


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